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Motorvatin' / Fallen Star

Well, I have a saturday nite drive in a subway train
A lotta speed inside my brain
Shakin' brakin' it loose, the best that I can do
I gotta get out gotta get out now
I wanna hear my wheels scream and shout
Get out of the subway, get my wheels on the street
and start motorvatin'

Runnin' all alone in a lowdown street
S-s-s-searchin' for my medicine
And a little satisfaction from a woman is all I need

I gotta pull myself together, hey-hey-hey, what I say
I gotta drive rite into the fire and I'm burning, burning,
burning I'm motorvatin'

I got skintight jeans and high-heel shoes
A leather jacket and nothin' to lose
Gonna rock the nation down the filling station

Don't try to get a ride in my cadillac
You don't look good enough for that
Sure I am a loner but I'm never alone I get by on my own

I gotta pull... I'm motorvatin'

I've been drinkin' quite a lot lately
Been thinkin' of the times when you made a star
Times do change and we must
rearrange our lives with it

I'd like to send you a postcard but still don't
know your address, don't remember your name
It's funny how your face is still in my eyes...
Hidden by a tear

I do believe in that one day you'll rise again
I'll always keep on believing
It gives me strength to carry on

Without love through dark nites...
A million miles away

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